Also known as industrial hemp, hemp belongs to the cannabis family. However, it’s not to be confused with drugs like marijuana and hashish. Any variety of cannabis contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that has psychoactive effects on human body. Surprisingly hemp has only 0.3% of THC which doesn’t have any adverse effect on human body; rather proves to be a miraculous invention for hair, skin, muscle, and joint relaxation.

Hemp can be termed as medical cannabis for sure. Hemp seed oil does wonder to your skin, hair, and body skin, hair, and body.  Hemp seed oil is a mine for Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1 & B2, essential fatty acids viz. Omega 6 and Omega 3, Oleic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus.  Besides Hemp is a natural antioxidant which reduces your skin wrinkles and protects your DNA cells. It’s been an age-old solution for arthritis relief.

Experts suggest that hemp doesn’t do the work but signals your body to do the work for you.

Here we would discuss 5 wondrous health benefits of hemp oil, hemp hearts, and hemp powder

What is hemp oil? How it benefits human body?

Hemp oil is nothing but extracted oil from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds contain about 25-30% oil. The process of excerpting hemp oil is very similar to olive cold pressing. The oil extracted from hemp seeds is great solution to joint relief as it has three polyunsaturated fatty acids- linoleic acid (Omega-6), alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3), and gamma-linolenic acid in it. So, it is good for topical sage too. Hemp oil reduces blood cholesterol and boosts metabolism.

Hemp seeds are good sources of poly-saturated omega 3 and omega 6 which means the massage of hemp seed oil can make your skin nourished and make it glow. It has natural anti-aging component which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Being rich source of protein and amino acids hemps seeds compensates your dietary fibres and helps you in your weight loss journey.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the prime cannabinoids found in the cannabis plants. CBD found in hemp is non-psychoactive. Research and anecdotal evidence does show that CBD have multiple health benefits. Since CBD’s ha anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties it is capable of moderating risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. CBD even can help in melting blood clots from brain and increasing cerebral blood flow. In a way it improves brain function at that instant too.

5 differences between hemp oil and fish oils and how hemp oil is a better choice

  • Fish oils are extracted from fish tissues of oily fishes like Salmon, Tuna, Anchovies etc. Mostly they contain omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp oil consists of a two essential fatty acids.
  • In hemp oil the ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 is 3:1 which is ideal for health benefits in humans; whereas in fish oils the ratio is 1:4. Hemp oil is enriched with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and low on saturated fats. It boosts your heart health without fat disposition.
  • Plant-extract oils are rich with phenol and antioxidants which is not found in fish oils mostly. Naturally, hemp oil keeps your skin youthful and free from skin problems.
  • Some fish oils are not found sustainably, hemp oil on the other hand helps in regenerating soil by excluding erosion. It also reduces greenhouse emissions.
  • The GLA in hemp seed oil might ease menstrual cramps and treats inflammation. It’s been used for preparing medication for arthritis. Fish oils can’t even be applied directly on skin.
  • One of the most prominent advantages of Hemp Seed Oil over Fish Oil is the presence of essential fatty acids make it preventive to diabetes. Fish oils hardly have such life-giving attributes.

How hemp hearts can add value to your dieting

Nutritious eating is highly recommended to maintain a healthy diet. Human body demands significant portions of protein, carbs, and fat on a daily basis. Many people have opted flax meal which has been by and large promoted by the urban pantry. Diet freaks are going on gaga over two seeds viz. 1. Chia and 2. Hemp. These two seeds have been declared as mainstream cereals by leading dieticians and food magazines. Let us have a quick look at the food values of these two seeds and why we should we pick them over our daily peanut butter or a glass of smoothie.

For sustainable diet changes vegan diet has no parallel. Since these two seeds already belong to the super food category, it is legit to have a comparative analysis in a nutshell then-

5 differences between Chia and Hemp hearts, which one stands out

  • One ounce Chia has 137 cal, 9 gm fat (Omega 3 fatty acid), 4 gm protein, 12 gm carb.

One once of Hemp consists of 174 cal, 14 gm fat (Omega 3 and Omega 6s fatty acids), 11 gm protein, and 2 gm carb.

  • Chia is high on Omega 3, Hemp contains greater amount of Omega 6.
  • Hemp is a bit higher on calories than Chia seeds.
  • The fiber available in Hemp hearts is easy to digest. Chia fiber is filling and sustainable.
  • Added with liquid Hemp creates a nutty textured mix where chia seed mixed with liquid gives a gelatinous exterior.

Hemp seeds have all amino acids in it which is unlike any plant foods. So, for obvious reasons Hemp scores over Chia.

What is Hemp protein?

Health conscious people those who maintain a strict diet plan need protein by and large in their daily diets. Hemp protein comes in the form of protein powder. One major good part is that it is not manufactured from artificial and animal protein sources. It is a purely organic plant-based protein which is free from synthetic processing. Apart from its earthly, nutty taste it consists of nine essential amino acids, plus fibre, good fats and minerals. It is labelled as a complete protein which has nine essential amino acids in apt amount.

Whey protein vs. Hemp protein- Which one stands out?

To start with the differentiation the primary one is whey protein is animal protein and hemp belongs to the vegan protein group. The main component of whey protein comes from diary.

  • Whey protein serves 24 grams of protein per scoop. Hemp has 15 grams of it per serve.
  • Since hemp protein is completely organic and has no side effects its price is a bit higher than artificial whey protein.
  • Hemp protein contains omega 3 fats. Whey is high in BCAAs.
  • Hemp is ideally lower on protein but has more fibre, calcium, iron and healthy fats. Additionally, components are phytonutrients and antioxidants which are unavailable in any other protein.
  • Hemp protein powder is completely lactose-free and good companion in weight-loss journey. You can consume whey protein when it comes to gaining mass and muscles.

Lastly, there are so many catch-phrases and nutritional benefits of hemp plant yet to be discovered. Each of the bi-products and components of hemp have different solutions to specific health issues. But the among all the benefits the showstopper is the ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acid which is a one of its own kind combination. We recommend you to include 1-2 tbsp of hemp seeds daily in your diet chart to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

July 08, 2022 — Pratik Somani