Hemp is a revolutionary find by Agro-science industry. There are countless benefits of hemp and the best part is all the by-products are applicable in specific ways. Multiple forms of hemp are used in manufacturing medicine, dietary supplements, fabric, home décor, pain-relief oil and much more. House of Hemp (HoH) brings a wide array of products that can make your living organically enhanced.  From sustainable dresses to food products, from pain relief oil to personal care HoH has a gamut to offer to make you go green.

Here are five of such essential products that we need to include in our life right away.

Hemp clothing- Hemp fiber gives sustainable fashion; as a result hemp clothes are super comfortable and durable. It has natural antioxidants in-built which make it free from odour too. HoH offers ethical fashion attires that will blow your mind like anything. It showcases customized clothing line comprises of indo-western wears like jumpsuits, co-ords, kurti, overlays, and dresses. Clothing range that we offer is made of finest fabrics and rich embroidery adds to the aesthetic quotient furthermore. There are also sell simple fabrics to choose from. Hemp clothes look and feel like linen They get softer with every wash and sense breathable to skin.

Hemp protein powder- Hemp protein is the only plant-based protein that suffices your body protein requirement for an entire day. HoH protein powder 9 essential amino acids and 11 other amino acids in it. This is a gluten-free powder that has essential balance of Omega 3 and 6 in it. Rich on fibre HoH protein powder helps you losing your weight gradually and naturally. It is flavourful and has a natural nutty taste. People with lactose intolerance or IBD can easily consume it in their 3 time meal course.

Hemp oil- Hemp oil is a perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 which nourishes your skin the best. It moisturizes skin layers and makes skin rash and wrinkle-free.  The presence of natural anti-oxidants in it ward of dermatitis and allergic risk. Also, it has anti-inflammatory components in it that heals body ache, muscle spasm, prolonged pain, menstrual cramps, and arthritis problems. Since hemp seeds have two essential fatty acids and 22 amino proteins, hemp oil is good for hair growth. To feed your hair essential nourishing components HoH offers Hemp hail oils, shampoos, and beard oils that would revitalize your hair and make it grow faster than your imagination.

Pain relief oil- Hemp is a good source of essential fatty acids and proteins. So, it’s apt for topical use. Blended with medicinal CBD HoH multipurpose pain relief oil can make your muscular and joint pain disappeared in its course. Massaging with this oil neutralizes your blood flow and eases your cramps. For joint pains and age-old gout problems this is one product that one should immediately absorb. Natural anti-oxidants in it revitalizes nervous system and makes tendons and tissues flexible. It magically works on increasing your mobility.

Hemp hearts- Raw shelled hem seeds are better known as Hemp hearts. These contain multiple major health boosting natural components. Rich with fibre, minerals, proteins, and fat hemp hearts can be consumed as snack or important meals. From restoring bone density to rectifying muscle construction hemp hearts can work on your body wondrously. It controls blood pressure and anxiety issues. HoH hemp hearts are invaluable addition to vegan diet.

Health benefits of hemp are immeasurable. Scientists are still after this wonder plant to bring out the best of it. Research suggests that hemp oil has the quality of fuel and as bio oil it might replace petrol, diesel in the coming days. This one invention might change the entire global picture of coming days.

July 08, 2022 — Pratik Somani