Is hemp is a specific species of Marijuana?

Yes, it is a form of Cannabis Sativa.

Is hemp a mood-swinging alternative?

Not at all. It contains 0.3% THC which is non-intoxicating and doesn't get you high. It is not for euphoric use.

Are hemp clothes skin-friendly?

Absolutely. It feels light and breathing on skin. Besides the natural antioxidant properties in it make clothes odor and dermatitis free. Another great thing about hemp clothes is they protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Is hemp good for hair?

Hemp has essential proteins and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in golden ratio which deeply nourish and moisturize scalp and stops dandruff and hair fall too. Massaging with help oil removes clog pores and triggers hair growth.

Cotton vs. Hemp- which gives your skin better comfort?

Hemp is 3X stronger than cotton. Hemp clothes get softer with time. Since hemp fabric has got higher durability than cotton, clothes made of Hemp last longer than cotton. When it comes to durability and comfort hemp scores few marks extra than cotton.

Can hemp food substitutes make you high?

No. Hemp comes from Cannabis Sativa. Now, the intoxicating products are made of another species called Indica. So, hemp doesn’t make you high as it doesn’t belong to the particular form of Cannabis.

Does hemp fabric get wrinkled easily?

Yes. Since it is the purest form of fabric it gets wrinkled easily after a few times put on.

What is the washing process of hemp clothes?

Hemp fabric contains dye and intricate works; it’s better to take to the dry cleaners.

Can hemp oil help in headache?

Cannabidiol oil may help treat migraine. CBD heals particularly neurological pain, linked with various conditions. It relieves stress for sure.

Does hemp protein powder taste bitter?

No. It has a nutty and earthly taste.

Is hemp oil capable of repairing hair damage?

Hemp oil has 22 types of amino acids. Application of hemp oil removes blocked pores and induces new hair growth.

Do hemp clothes shrink?

Yes. A bit.

Can hemp oil be directly applicable on skin?

Hemp oil is a boon for tropical usage. It softens skin, protects it from UV rays, stops skin problems, and prevents it from odor and wrinkle.

Do you sell individual fabric rather than stitched apparels?

We do.

Can hemp oil cure menstrual cramps?

When you have menstrual cramp during periods just take 5-6 drops of hemp oil and massage all over the area. Then formant it with a heating pad or hot water bag rather than consuming painkillers.

Hemp or Linen- which one is softer on skin?

Definitely hemp. Hemp becomes softer with use and it doesn’t leave colours even after many washes. It is more durable than linen too.

Can I cancel the order once placed?

Yes, you can cancel the order any time before the product is dispatched from our warehouse. However, once the product is dispatched, please write to us at reachus@thohemp.com for any changes/modifications in your order.

How much time will it take to get refund?

For every cancelled order, refund will be credited to account in 4-5 working days.

What are the return and exchange policies?

We have “No Questions Asked” return/exchange policy. We have free shipping so the logistics charges pertaining to the return/exchanges will be borne by us. Our logistic partners shall pick up the products from your doorstep. Please handover the products in the original condition.

Can I replace clothe if it doesn’t fit my size?

If the apt. size is available with us then you can replace the same product in some other size

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