Hemp Hearts

Rs. 700.00

Hemp seeds come from Hemp plants Cannabis Sativa. They are exceptionally nutritious with fats, proteins, and minerals. Despite of Cannabis species it has almost nil psychoactive compounds in it. It has 30% fat with a perfect balance of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 25% of total calories coming from hemp shelled seeds are from high quality proteins. Hemp seeds are good sources of minerals like sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, sulphur, and magnesium that are extremely good for maintaining bone density and muscle constructions. China has been using hemp seeds as food and medicine for 3000 years and beyond. Consuming hemp seeds controls your blood flow and reduces chance of high blood pressures and heart problems. Nitric oxide found in hemp seeds dilates and relaxes blood vessels. Presence of gamma-linolenic acid reduces arthritis and muscle cramps. Vitamin A in it gifts you a clear vision.


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Benefits of Hemp Hearts :

  • Easy to digest
  • Enriched with all proteins
  • Good for heart, skin, hair, and eye
  • Reduces body ache
  • Helps in weight management

Directions :
Eat it in breakfast with milk and fruit, make smoothies, sprinkle on salads, yogurts.

Safety Instructions :

  • Only for adult nutrition.
  • Keep children at bay.
  • If you have allergic reaction to it, immediately stop it.

Storage information :
Store in a cool and dry place.